A world of gardening awaits

Hi there!
My name is Lin, and I love to travel. When I travel I love to visit gardens. Classic gardens, modern gardens, landscape gardens and all other types of gardens. 
Visiting gardens both bring peace of mind and jump-starts the inner creativity. It brings back my energy. 

When I travel and visit gardens, I often do in depth research before I go. When was the garden created, who created it, who maintains it. What type of plants is present, is there a tearoom, can I buy some plats to bring home? Is there any talks or activities going on there today? Guided tours maybe? 

I travel the UK, the Mediterranean and Scandinavian countries.
I love photography and just bought a new camera. A Nikon D7000 and a Macro lens. So this blog will have no shortage of images of the gardens I visit. 

Adding gardens
In the next few weeks, I will add gardens that I have visited the last few years. And then in a couple of weeks, I will visit Wales, and I will tell you all about it! 😉 
Any Wales tips is most welcome!

I will write some what detailed reviews about each garden. I will link to all resources you need to find it, and I will suggest B&Bs, Hotels and restaurants if they are relevant. 

If you own or work for a garden and would like to invite me and my camera,  PLEASE do so!
If you know of a special gem of a garden that is not already covered here, please tips me!!!
I will add a contact button here in a day or two!

I love comments, so if you have tips, recommendations, relevant information about the gardens I visit, please do comment! 🙂

If you want to visit gardens …
if you are traveling and need help planning your trips around gardens …

… then this is the tool you need!   😉  


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