Marle Place Gardens and Gallery – A masterclass in focal points

Marle Place

Why visit:
This is a private garden, and it has that privat secret feel about it. The small secluded garden rooms parted by long elegant views edged with tightly clippet tall hedges, keeps the intrest and wow-factor until you reach back to your car.

In the far end of this garden, there is a beatiful pond surrounded by peaceful woodland and a bog garden.

Through a big red door you enter the walled kitchengarden. And it is really inspirational, even in april. Filled with tulips waiting for the veg to move in. It also contains fruit cages with happy canary birds living in them, closely observed by the cats outside 🙂

The whole garden is dotted by art. Sculptures in many different forms, always set out as a focal-point that draws you twoards them. If you need innspiration to focal points in your garden, this is the garden to visit.
How ever, you could argue that there are too many of them. At the entrance we were given a map, and we tried for quite some time to follow it, but all the focal points drew us off our course, and away from each other. This garden really shows the strength and weekness you can achieve with focal points.

One of the most exiting things I saw was a big rose bush, tied down to a big circular iron plant support (around the plant). It was then pruned to exactly match the ring. It was not in bloom when I was there, but I bet it is truly magical full of roses.

Above the Kitchen garden are two lovely greenhouses and a potting shed.
In the shed we bought antique vases and and other gifts. By the entrance is a small plantshop and a DIY tearoom. We also bought some blue and green eggs. 🙂

This is a private garden, first created in 1890. It has some good old conifer trees that gives this modern garden some umpf and maturity.

I recomend this garden, especially if you are intrested in art or just a special garden. Something different. This is also a good garden for autumn and winter.

You can also visit:
This garden is close to The Great Dixter, and you can do both gardens in a day. However I would not recommend to do Sissinghurst also this same day as they all 3 are huge and to much to take in, in one day.

Where to stay:
We stayed at the lovely Bed & breakfast “Chruch gates” in the nearby village of Cranbrook. The owners are a gardener and an artist, and they also offer guided garden visits.

How to get here:
This garden is not available with public transport. You need a car!
It is situated in Kent TN12 7HS
See the webpage for full address




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