Botanical gardens in Wales – Mass plantings as you’ve never seen

Collage of images from the gardenI have been to quite a huge range of Botanical gardens, but I must say, I have never seen this huge masses of flowers. We visited in early autumn, and the brightly colored mass plantings really made this day special.

I think people of all ages that visit Botanical gardens do so partly to learn, and this garden is a fine example of a teaching garden.

Our visit
I must advice the order of walking this garden. We made the wrong choice at Circle of Decision and and went from boring landscape into the gardens ending up in a really tense walled garden, and did not enjoy it as much as we could have.

I would therefor recommend doing the walled garden first. It is really crammed with plants, and being tired you will not have the energy to appreciate it.

My absolute favorite part of this garden is the narrow paths running along side the walls from The Circle of Decision, and up to the mirror pool. It was filled with masses of seasonal perrennials. I am not into annuals at all, they are to flashy for me, so seeing this planting really gave inspiration!

At the top of this lovely path is the iconic glasshouse. One big dome filled with exotic plants and a lovely cafe. The rain suddenly visited along us, and it was a real treat having lunch in there. 🙂

The last few years it has been a hobby of mine to research plant history, and I therefor was really surprised and intrigued finding a walled garden dedicated to the work of Alfred Russel Wallace. If it had not been for him, Darwin would never had the guts to publish his work the Origin of Species by Natural Selection which did change everything! This walled garden really shows what genetics have helped us achieve. Mutation, Hybridization and selective breeding – the understanding of the evolution of plants. If you find all this a bit dull and dry, then fear not, this garden is a feast for the eye as well. Loads of sweet peas and Dahlias will make you fumble with your camera wanting to catch it all and bring home.

There are lovely views to the countryside on all sides of this property, but I must say I wished they used more of the landscape around for more secluded paths with trees, rhododendrons and Viburnums. At the moment the tarmac roads surrounded by nothing in particular other than some art here and there, is not enough for me.

Due to all other parts of this garden, I will surely go back!


Be sure to check out the bee garden and observe and learn a bit about this lovely little helping friend.

Getting there:
The garden is open all year (not christmas day) and the admission fee is £8.50
Satnav: SA32 8HN
You can get to this garden with Bus 166 from Carmarthen Train Station.

A plant nerd like me would probably need a good 5 hours to enjoy this garden, but you could also spend 2-3 good hours just being outdoors  🙂

The plant and gift shop is not overhwelming which is a pitty, I had money to spend, but did not :/

For all other info, check out their informative website

The rill

A bamboo covered sear


2 thoughts on “Botanical gardens in Wales – Mass plantings as you’ve never seen

  1. Thanks for sharing your pics of this garden. We did think about going to Wales when we were in the UK, but there were too few days and too much to see. If we make it there I will put this on the list. By the way, I am mostly a perennial gardener as well, but I have come to have more appreciation for mixing annuals with perennials.

    • gardeninacity: Wales is truly magnificent. We visited more then this garden when we where there this autumn. More gardens will come in a few weeks 🙂
      I do agree about filling inn with annuals amongst the perennials. Some winters kill loads and then they are really a nice adition! 🙂
      Looking forward to following your blog!

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